Sellers Inspection:  Calibre Home Inspections will thoroughly inspect your home as though someone buying your home would request the inspection.  Sellers receive a report that outlines items likely found at a buyer's home inspection.

Winterizing and De-winterizing:  We conduct winterizing on vacant homes that are going to be turned off to reduce the risk of damage from burst water pipes.  De-winterizing can be conducted at a standard home inspection given proper approval by the owner or agent.


Mold Assessment:  Extra time is contributed to a mold assessment if the mold test is not conducted with a home inspection.  Mold Assessment is different than Mold Sampling by the rigger of finding the suspected cause of high levels of mold.  If a mold test/sample is drawn with a home inspection that mold sample would be considered a mold assessment. Indoor air quality samples are lab tested, and evaluated by lab technicians..

HUD / FHA Inspections:  Calibre Home Inspections is happy to announce that all Code Certified Master Inspectors - CCMI and R-5 Combination inspectors are now approved for HUD/FHA inspections per Docket No.FR-5457-F02 as of 8/2/18.

Abridged Inspections:  Structural inspections or a more focused inspection is available for a quick inexpensive evaluation of that system.

Home Inspections:  Independent home assessment to evaluate the overall condition of the property at the time of the inspection.   A Calibre Home Inspection includes reporting on the condition, design flaws,  damage,  and  operation of fixtures, systems, and appliances.  The report covers the grounds, and how they effect the home, the roof, siding, foundation, heating and air conditioning, plumbing, electrical, and appliances.  Report of the findings are delivered the night of the inspection and include explanations,  likely causes, safety issues, pictures, and small print.  Included with the report is a one page summary cover letter with reference numbers that tie back to the expanded information in the main report.

Consulting:  Calibre home inspectors can perform consulting services that will guide you in particular concerns and how to cost effectively maintain your home.

Radon Screening:  This 2+ day test  measures the active radon levels in the home at the time of the inspection.

Appliance Recall Check:  Appliances, AC units, Furnaces, and Water Heaters that are recalled can be replaced or fixed for FREE  by the manufacturer.  Calibre Home Inspections provides an avenue for clients to have their appliances checked for recalls.  This helps keep family members safe in their home.

Termite Inspections:  Inspectors are well trained in finding termite activity and will report on any activity noted at the time of the inspection.  We partner with a local termite company who provides us a free termite inspection with a WDO letter.   This is a

Mold Sampling:  Calibre Home Inspections is very conscious of the health risks involved with mold.  Indoor air quality samples are lab tested, and evaluated by lab technicians. 

Water Quality Testing:  Well water testing  is available to check the mineral levels and bio-hazards in drinking water.

winning situation all the way around.  We get to provide a more complete service and the termite company get to build a relationship with the buyers for future business..

Calibre Home Inspections