I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate all the information that the inspection provided us.  Your report was very thorough and very focused on our property.  The breakout of both positive factors and concerns helped us to gain a better overall picture of the actual conditions of the property and areas that we might want to focus our initial concerns.  I thought that the basic layout of the report provided information in a prioritized manner and the addition of pictures of the various areas you were addressing really helped us to understand exactly what you were describing. 

 I have had several homes inspected by different inspectors but I felt that your report was far superior to anything I have received previously.  I really liked the fact the you used a very methodical approach insuring as best one can that nothing gets overlooked.  I was also impressed at the number of times that you took time to make pictures and notes in order to make sure that everything you observed made it into the report.  It was obvious that doing a complete and thorough inspection was important to you personally and I appreciated the professionalism with which everything was done.

Your follow up and follow through since the inspection has also been helpful.  The recall reports on appliances and systems, the suggestions for finding digital providers, your availability have all been helpful.

Thanks again for a great inspection

Carey Gibson

My fiancée and I would just like to reiterate in writing what a wonderful job you did, and we wanting to thank you for providing us with a enjoyable experience, We appreciated the thorough and meticulous work that you did on the home we had inspected. We will definitely use you in the future on any other home inspections we may need.
Thank you again,
Jane-Ellen Ames, and Phillip Young.

“Thank you! I have enjoyed the newsletters and look forward to their assistance in maintaining my home.  We closed yesterday and are in the midst of moving  in this week.  We have a sales call with CPI next weekend for the security system.  I have been thoroughly impressed by your commitment of providing your customer more than just an inspection and you will be top of mind when I learn of anyone buying a home.” – Jeff Wilson Lilburn

We are so grateful to this company! Very good inspection. The inspector took his time to explain all to us and help us to make the right decision about buying a house. Claudia Spinks

Just wanted let you know how pleased we are with your service.  We appreciate your thoroughness and attention to detail.  Our initial walk through was this morning and I felt much better having your assessment of the property with me.
Sincerely,  Saralyn Blanton

After having an inspection done on our first potential home, Richard saved us from making a very bad first home purchase!  He pointed out, in depth, the issues with the home- things we would never have noticed or even recognized, thus saving us from making an investment in a house that would have become very costly for us.  Because of his warranty, we were able to get another inspection done on our second dream home for free!  We are so grateful that he was recommended to us by our realtor!  Thanks again, Richard!  - Jessica Fischhaber

“Our experience with Calibre Home Inspections was phenomenal.  Richard was thorough, knowledgeable, and the utmost professional.  We can rest easy knowing there won’t be any surprises when we move into our new home”–Mandy Conner

Hello Richard,
You did an excellent job, you were always professional when we discuss the house, you never lead me to think good or bad, you talk about what you saw and you did not direct or encourage my thinking, good or bad.
I would definitely recommend your services.
Thanks again,

- Jerry

I contracted with Calibre to check out a house my wife and I were considering purchasing. The agreement forms were submitted in advance, the cost of Mr. Smith’s services were reasonable, and the promised report was submitted to me late the afternoon of the inspection.

Mr. Smith met me on site at the agreed upon time. Matter of fact, he was already on site conducting a walk-around the house and property as I drove up. The size of the house required approximately four hours to inspect, the time I was told up front. He inspected everything from electrical receptacles to water pressure valves to heating systems to dryer vents. After the inspection Mr. Smith went over the complete inspection in a very comprehensive and detailed manner, pictures and all were before me on his laptop.

The information Mr. Smith passed on allowed me to contact other professionals for more in-depth information during the due diligence period. His very specific report pointed out items not in compliance with code, items needing attention, and other possible red flags, as well as the finer points of the house being inspected. By using his basic information and then contacting other professionals on the more sensitive matters, I was able to make a wise decision on whether or not to buy the house.

I found Mr. Smith’s qualifications impeccable, his knowledge of home inspection up-to-date, and his communication skills clear and understandable. I strongly recommend him to anyone considering a home inspection.

Ron Bowie

We appreciate you taking time to recommend Calibre

Home Inspections to your friends, colleagues and neighbors!

We've purchased 8 homes in several states.
Each time we had a home inspection done.
All of these inspections were less than 2 hours in duration. I found your inspection process to be the most thorough & focused I have ever seen. Your attention to detail on every area in the home & your clearly explained review was exceptional. I truly appreciate a job well done, especially when such an important purchase is under consideration. I will be sure to recommend your company in the future. Thank You
John Telo

You write an excellent report. Well done. You have my endorsement sir. You didn’t miss on the points that matter and for that I am truly grateful.

David Paal

Mr. Richard Smith was wonderful in explaining everything to us and very patient.  I appreciate him taking time to answer every question and then double checking that we understood.  Great customer service! Margie Boyce.

It was an excellent experience so definitely 5 Star from beginning to end.  Pat and Doug Smith

I appreciate your expertise. On your report.And your great performance. Thank you, Brenda Nicholson6/16/15


The inspector is very experienced, communicates issues accurately and understandably, also very friendly.”

Thank you, Richard!  Clayton and I appreciate the time you took on the inspection and details you provided.  We will look over the report and get back with you if we have any questions.
Thanks again!  Angela

“I have talked to my Realtor and told her how impressed I was with you and told her to make sure she really recommends you to clients.  If I can think of others I can tell, I will be happy to do so.  I was impressed with you professionalism, your thoroughness and your extreme patience in explaining items to your client.”Sandra Juergens

It was already 5 star, but I wanted to take the time to say that Brian did a fantastic job. We are really thankful for a thorough report and especially appreciate how kind and polite he was. He obviously knew what he was doing, but he took the time to break it down in a way that we could understand. He was great!

Everything was great. Lots of great information, inspector was very personable and detailed! - Elaine Childs

Mr. Smith,  I would like to thank you for your in depth home inspection report you provided. I had never seen one as documented as yours.  Your attention to detail and the way your report is designed is easy to read and understand. We really appreciate your work and would recommend you to anyone looking for a home inspector in the future.
Again thank you for your prompt and very detailed report. 

Brice and Gloria Caine

 Best inspection I have every had done on a home! 5 stars isn't enough. This was my 5th home to have inspected and I wish Calibre had done them all! - Mandy Dysart

“He was punctual, thorough, professional, and we really felt that he was looking out for our best interest.  Overall we were very satisfied with Calibre Home Inspections and would recommend their services to anyone looking for an inspector.”  Latosha and Bill.

Richard was great! He was very easy to talk to and very professional.  I would definitely recommend him to friends & Family and use his services again!  We recently had Richard inspect a house we were in the process of purchasing.  We were very pleased with the job he did.  He was punctual, thorough, and the utmost professional.  Very informative and knowledgable.  Great inspection, very thorough – Brent Bellecker

Thank you for the professional manner in which you operate your business. You are organized, punctual, and thorough.  I will recommend your services whenever I have the Opportunity. Thanks, Graham Kelly

Thank you so much for your help last night.  My seller has agreed to install GFCI’s, railing on the carport, make sure windows are operational, and install new smoke detectors.  You are so reassuring with your attitude it really makes my buyers feel like they are informed but not over whelmed.   Thanks again for your support of my business.   -Gina Kendrick

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I would just like to say what a thorough and professional job Scott Sweigart did.  He is very knowledgeable, and took the time to answer all my questions with detail.  He is great asset to Calibre Home Inspections.
Becky Baxter


“Richard is very good at what he does.  Thanks for the chance to meet with him.  The information that he gave was very informational.”  - Phylistine Jones

Thank you so much for looking out for our family for a second time. We appreciate your findings to help us make this home a safe place for our family.

Elle Causey

The report looked great to us and we’re very happy with our inspection experience.  And I appreciate all of the good advice you gave while performing the inspection.  I’ll definitely recommend Calibre Home Inspections to anyone I know who is thinking about buying a house.   - Sean O’Dell and Melissa Johnson

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