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Radon Screening

Radon definition Radon is a naturally occurring radioactive gas from decaying Uranium.  It is considered a "class A" carcinogen, and is soon to pass smoking for the number one position for causing lung cancer.  According The Cancer Association, radon claims 21,000 death victims from lung cancer per year.

Radon penetration: .Radon penetrates  naturally in slabs, especially in basement homes.  The natural and mechanical negative pressure at the lower levels of the house causes the pennetratation of radon.  Unfortunately, radioactive particles are located in the poured concrete of many homes and  high rise condos.

Radon screening procedure:  The radon test equipment requires a 48 hour residing time at the property; then a 24 hour analysis time to receive the results of the tests from the lab. 

Radon screening fees:  A $170 fee  includes either dropping the test canisters or picking up the test canisters at the time of the main home inspection.  Additional fees will occure if the testing is done apart from the home inspection.

Radon mitigation:  .This consists of an exhaust system creating a negative pressure under the slab directing air and gasses from under the slab of the basement area through the center of the house to discharge above the roof area.  Radon mitigation is suggested by the EPA when the levels of radon exceed 4.0 pCi/l (picocuries/liter).  Mitigation on average-size (1500s.f. on a slab - 2800s.f. on a basement) homes range from $1,000 - $2,000.

Radon Results:  Radon varies with intensity over time.  Testing one time may not respond with true radon levels of residents exposure.  Radon testing equipment for long duration samples are available; inquire with Calibre Home inspections for correct type of testing equipment. ..  770-932-0932