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Mold Sampling

Mold is a wood destroying fungus that grows on organic (was alive in the past) materials.  It is Gods way to break down material and return it back into dirt.  There are 3000 types of molds in the US and 1000 of them are common to the Georgia area. 

Mold spores cause allergies in different people.  The toxic molds are typically more dangerous to most people and could be very dangerous at low levels to those with compromised immune systems.  .  There are general rules-of -thumb for acceptable levels under normal conditions.  One thing  to keep in mind is that these normal levels for most could cause difficult reactions in others.

Mold Testing:

Mold testing can be conducted at the conclusion of the home inspection or scheduled for a later date.  We use the IAC2 (Indoor Air Consultants) national standards  for testing protocols.

Lab results of mold analysis are supplied by a third party lab.  A quote for remediation will follow the mold test upon request.   Because mold and toxins are a large focus of Calibre Home Inspections' philosophy, we only consider or recommend a non-toxic or organic solution.  The natural solution that would be suggested (quoted)  are  likely 1/4 to 1/3  of the costs of the typical mold remediation solution.  Some remediation companies guarantee  to bring the mold levels to a safe point or they will not require payment.

Methods for reducing molds in your home.

Even new construction can have a musty basement before the completion and closing of escrow.  The easiest way to reduce mold/fungus is to remove the three things that promote its growth.  They are moisture, organic material, and oxygen.  Since wood and oxygen are almost impossible to remove, the best form of attack is to do the following three procedures aggressively.

  1.  Remove the water source:  Mold  could start growing

       within  36 hours of a flood situation.

  •  Stop any leaks from plumbing
  • Fix any roof leaks
  • Have an aggressive ground slope away from the property.
  • Control gutter drainage

  2.  Dehumidify:  Mold finds it easy to grow with a humidity of

       over 50% relative humidity.

  • Dehumidify the air until the  humidity  is lower than 50%.  Mostly needed in new basements and during the summer months.
  • Set up an automatic condensate pump or drain for convenience.

  3.  Circulate the air:  Mold has a difficult time growing in

       circulated air.

  • Add fans to basements
  • Set the thermostat fan setting to "ON"