Calibre Home Inspections


Calibre Home Inspections Service: Protection for the Buyer

The purchase of your home is likely to be a the most expensive investment you ever make.  Many areas of the house including roofing, plumbing, electrical, and heating and air conditioning should be evaluated so you will not step into problems at the purchase of your new home.   As you purchase the new home it is almost impossible to find every defect and to determine if everything is in working order.  You would not want to buy a house with unknown problems that you will regret after closing escrow.  This is where Calibre Home Inspections steps in to be your advocate.  Not only does a home inspection give you peace of mind, knowing the home is in good working order, but it gives you the opportunity to readdress the purchase negotiations.

Calibre Home Inspections does not guarantee nor warranty that all house defects are revealed, however, the inspector will outline all the salient points that you should be aware of before you make your buying decision.  If major issues are revealed you have several options.  The options that you have include having the seller fix the defects, renegotiating the price or terms of the closing, putting money in escrow with an attorneys office, fixing the issue yourself, or just buying it as is and living with it the way it is until you can not stand it any longer.  This way if the seller does not negotiate the price or repairs then you can still buy the house.  Some lending institutions will not approve your loan if the major defects are significant, and may not approve it until it is reinspected with satisfactory results.

Calibre Home Inspections Service: Post Inspection

After the home inspector leaves the house, he constructs a cover letter with the most salient issues listed on one page and broken down into easy to read sections eg. major issues, minor issues, investigate further, and safety issues.  The main report is finished, pictures are loaded, and the inspection and cover are down loaded to the Calibre Home Inspections scheduling system.  If the inspection Agreement Form has been approved/signed then the report will be sent to the buyer and buyer's Realtor.  In most every case the buyer receives the inspection that night.

The price for a home inspection is small compared to the thousands of dollars that could be lost if you are not aware of costly issues.  Therefore, the home inspector is one of the most important and cost effective purchases involved in buying a home.   Purchasing a home is a major investment; use a Calibre Home Inspection to help you be fully aware of your new home.

.A Calibre Home Inspections Service: Reducing Fear

You may be a little anxious about the home inspection because you do not know what to expect.  A Calibre Home Inspection is a painless process that is designed to save your hard earned money.   If you buy a home without a home inspection, you may be buying into a money pit.   The danger is falling in love with the home before the home inspection; it will take away your negotiation leverage.   Buying a home is no place for impulse buying.  That's why you should have patience and postpone falling in love with the property until after Calibre Home Inspections has finished with the evaluation of the property.  The home inspection is not a pass or fail grade; it is simply an objective evaluation that is given by a disinterested general practitioner.

The impartial evaluation by a Calibre Home Inspections inspector will provide an in depth evaluation of the home you plan to buy.  The inspector will evaluate the electrical, plumbing, HVAC, roofing, and framing condition for items that are defective or not designed to the industry standards.  These items may or may not need to be repaired before the purchase of the home.  Attending the inspection is beneficial to adding to your knowledge about the house, but not critical.  Issues can be pointed out and investigated personally.  There are many pictures in the report that help explain the magnitude and location of the issues.  If a picture is worth a thousand words, actually being there could be like a thousand pictures.   Walking with a Calibre home inspector at the end of the inspection will help in your understanding of systems of the house.  Call now (770)932-0932

The Home Inspection

An inspection is intended solely to assist in evaluating the overall condition of the building and is based on observation of the visible and apparent condition of the primary  building and its components on the date of inspection.