Calibre Home Inspections: Why not "Caliber"?

Calibre Home Inspections is often confused with "Caliber".  The reason we chose the unusual spelling is because we trust the differentiation will transfer to our customer service.  Calibre is actually pronounced the same as Caliber.  It is the old English spelling and pronunciation (similar to a movie theatre).  My hope is to have clients and REALTORS remember the unique spelling when referring clients .  I am not just another home inspector.   We trust you will find value in our credentials and service that allow you to make sound judgments and live comfortably in the final choice of your home.


Calibre Home Inspections

Here at Calibre Home Inspections, we are dedicated to you and all your different inspection needs.

Our family owned engineer directed company has been inspecting, building, and renovating since 1991.  Our partnership does not end with the purchase of your new home.  We strive to be your building consultant for life.



Calibre Home Inspections is best characterized as a quiet, conservative family business.  Incorporated in 1995 as CALIBRE Custom Homes, Inc., we continually maintain certifications, licenses,, and insurance.  Calibre Home Inspections is also rated A+ by the better Business Bureau.

  • Engineer directed;  All inspectors are at least certified by InterNACHI, an international association of professional home and commercial property inspector.
  • International Residential Code certified (IRC)/ICC are available for new construction
  • An engineering based inspection company since 1997.
  • We protect clients finances with a Triple Net Protection
  • Free Appliance Recall Check with every home inspection
  • One page bullet summary cover letter.
  • Termite and Carpenter Ant warranty with every home inspection
  • Free termite letters upon request with every home inspection.
  • Same day report delivery.
  • Easy on-line scheduling of inspections 24/7
  • Free 90 Day Warenty on appliances and systems.
  • Free 200% Satisfaction Guarantee
  • Free 30 Day  Guarantee.
  • Home consulting for life.

A Calibre Home Inspection: 

An average inspection  varies between 2.5 and 4.0 hours depending upon the size of the home and number of issues found.  A photo summary is reviewed with each client at the completion of an inspection.  The client can expect receipt on the evening of the inspection of an email with  summary letter and a detailed report with pictures .

Automatic email response system to assure buyer, Realtor, and inspector have all the correct informationType your paragraph here.

Corporate Mission

Our intention is that clients are provided enough information to feel very comfortable with their new home and their buying decision.  We want to be the first place you go for questions about your home.  Our partnership does not end with the purchase of you home.

Calibre Home Inspections