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Most abridged inspections are structural inspections.  Some clients, like investors, are not interested in a full inspection.These clients who trust their evaluation of the plumbing, mechanical, and electrical system might opt to have a structural inspection only.

Structural inspections consist of only evaluating the structural condition of the home.  Items checked ,but are not limited to, are the roof and its flashing, siding, windows, foundation, grounds and how they affect the house, attic structure and design, floor level, door operation, foundation and structural wall and floor condition.

A written report with a summary letter is provided with the abridged inspection.  Because the entire house is not inspected the fee for this inspection is significantly lower.  Calibre Home Inspections will serve you in the way that best fits your specific need. Call now - 770-932-0932

Abridged Inspections

Abridged inspections are partial inspections that are highly focused and explicitly laid out before the inspection begins.  These include construction checks, deck inspections, and electrical inspections.  An appropriate use of an abridged inspection would be a front porch inspection required by the bank in order to continue with the closing.

Structural inspections are special abridged inspections that only include the evaluation of the major structural components of the house.  The price of the structural inspection, like all inspections, varies according to the size and age of the house.  However, since they do not take as long as full inspections, the price is reduced below  a normal inspection.  These inspections include the roof, attic, siding, structure, basement/(crawl space), and grading and how the grading effects the structure.  They do not include the heating and air, plumbing, electrical, and appliances.
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Follow-up inspections are call back inspections from an original inspection.  They are conducted after a seller has fixed the inspector’s list of items that the buyer's Realtor requested.  This inspection is a highly-focused inspection to ensure the earlier areas of concern were addressed properly.